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Welcome to 3D Wildlife Paintings where 2 dimensional paintings turn into unique 3 dimensional art. Terry Doyle came up with this idea in 1996 while living in Aspen, Colorado. He moved there in 1986 in order to create The International Endangered Wildlife Museum, in honor of his late fiancee, Jayme McLean. After 7 years of trying to jumpstart the Museum, he reluctantly gave up due to insufficient funding.

With more time on his hands, he taught himself how to paint and a few years later - started combining his fish reproductions with his life size fish paintings. Also during this period (1986 - 2000), Terry continued his taxidermy business, striving to create the most action filled poses he could imagine. Because he sculpted his own mannikins, he was able to fabricate positions that seemed to defy gravity. His pieces are found world wide, especially in Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale and the rest of the Roaring Fork Valley and Colorado.

In 2000, he moved to Oahu and 14 months later to Maui, where he created the large sized, double paintings of Hawaiian Reef Fish and various Koi.

In 2016, Terry moved back to Woody Creek, Colorado, a small town located about 5 miles below Aspen. If you are in the Aspen area and would like to check out his unique art, call him at (808) 386 2554 for a personal tour.


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