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Welcome to my taxidermy site. In 1964 my grandfather got me some rudimentary tools and brochures on how to mount game heads, fish, birds and life size animals. I did it as a hobby, until 1978. After studying forestry and fishery biology for 4 years in college, I started working full time for myself, practicing taxidermy. Except for a few years around 2005, I have been mounting animals ever since. Because initially I couldn't afford to buy mannikins, I developed a new method of wrapping my own bodies. That's why my mounts might have more action than your typical store bought mannikins.
Although I've mounted thousands of animals, I realize how important each mount is to it's owner and I spend whatever time it takes to do it right.
With my experience, knowledge and the high quality materials I use, these mounts should last 50 years or more.

The photos below are of mounts that I did between 1975 and 2011 in random order. Some of them are in various Museum's around the world.
If you want something special, the more difficult – the better, contact me.
Terry Doyle

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